How to Help

NCS is involved in a wide variety of activities, and we welcome any participation from well-wishers in our activities. You can contribute in many ways, including volunteering to help us in specific activities we do on the field, helping us interface with the government or funding agencies in the larger metros or abroad, or helping us with funds or in raising funds.

NCS chose to operate in an underdeveloped state of India where a small contribution goes a long way. We are not a "professional NGO" as much a group of respectable individuals who are passionate about our beliefs, and we firmly believe that as much if not all of donations should go where they are intended to - the recipients of our activities. We take great care to ensure that administrative overheads are kept to a minimum. NCS has been audited every year since inception by a reputed Audit firm, thus providing full accountability for contributions. We will be happy to provide a detailed breakdown of usage of funds if needed. We are also registered with the Government of India IT department under Section 80G if the IT Act, Thus, donations made in India to NCS are tax-exempt.

Please contact us at if you wish to know more about how you can help.


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