Watershed Program

After the initial demography survey, formations of self help group, User's groups and conducting several awareness meetings. We formed watershed Association and watershed development committee in all micro watershed:2 in Block Garu, Latehar, The accounts were opened. The Master Plans were Prepared and submitted to DRDA.

Apart from above activities we could carry out the following programs in these two Micro Watersheds:-

We have formed groups on vegetable cultivation and supported these groups through distribution of high gelding varieties of seeds for winter and summer vegetables. The results were excellent and groups are now sustaining to this program. More than 200 farmers have been benefited.

We promoted the high gelding varieties of maize, Paddy, Sunflower and Soya been in two Watershed villages.

We distributed nearly 1000 horticulture plants in two watersheds.

As Chemical fertilizers insecticides, Pesticides and herbicides are causing land and water Pollution. We have initiated our groups on traditi0nal organic compost, vermin Compost, Production Centre in two uses of Neem oil, Karainj oil and cakes as fertilizers and insecticides. A large scale awareness drive was also initiated.

We provided 2 tool kits one in each watershed for repairing of Pump.

a. Construction of Four Cemented Board in Watershed Areas.
b. Promotion of two centre of Vermi Compost Centre in Watershed area.
c. Ginger cultivation in two acre.

(i) Women empowerment and awareness programmes.


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